Piercing Prices

322 E Bay Street, Milwaukee WI           414-483-5000

Bay Street is proud to be one of Milwaukee's best and most experienced piercing destinations. We always strive for perfection.  We only carry the highest quality body jewelry available and offer anything from 18kt gold to exotic organics upon request. 

Our piercing needles are new, sterile, used one time, and responsibly disposed of.  We also offer an organic care product that is made custom for our shop and only available here.  

Tongue $60 (Includes 2 pcs of Jewelry & Mouthwash)

Navel (Belly Button) $50 (Includes curved Barbell)

Lip $40 for Horseshoe    - OR -    $50 for Stud

Nose $50 for Ring    -OR-    $65 for Stud

Septum $75 for Horseshoe

Eyebrow $30 for Ring   -OR-    $45 for Barbell

Anti-Eyebrow $50 for Curved Barbell

Ear $60 for Pair    -OR-    $35 for One

(Doesn't Include Industrial)

Children's Ears - $80 Pair

Nipples $80 for Pair    -OR-    $45 for One

Skin Divers (Surface Gem) - $75

Smiley (Inside Upper Lip) - $80